Various Flow 1.01

Various Flow 1.01


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Date Added:27 June, 2014

Author: ChusLab

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Various Flow

The puzzle game Various Flow is a highly addictive puzzle game with simple,
diverse and extensive stages.

There is a mode of filling all the screen by connecting the lines with the same colored point and
a mode of filling the screen by connecting the points by the order of the number, etc.

There are 6 kinds of modes with characteristics and it is composed of 15000 stages.

All of this modes and stages can be played for no additional payment!

* 6 various modes and 15000 stages are all free ?

* Survival Mode ?
Compete with other players in the whole world how many maps given randomly at a given time you can clear

* Classic Mode ?
A traditional type of Flow game in a mode of filling 5*5 ~ 9*9 sized board

* Crazy Mode ?
A mode containing myriads of backgrounds with various shapes

* Bridge Mode ?
Bridges in the board allows you to enjoy more difficult as well as interesting

* Number Mode ?
A mode of not simply connecting the same colored points but connecting according to numbers respectively imposed on each point.

* Number Bridge Mode ?
This the most difficult mode requires connecting points according to the numbers on each point where there are bridges.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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